Crushed AA battery. How do I handle?
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Workmen just came to my new apartment to remove a broken washing machine. After they left, I found a crushed AA battery where the machine was left. I have no idea how old it was or if they crushed it moving the washer. There was liquid on the floor, but that could have been from disconnecting the washer. How do I clean this up safely?

I have removed the battery with a dustpan and broom and double bagged it for disposal later (on my balcony)

I'm cleaning the area with water and a mop. I'm running a vent. What else should I be doing? Would it be safest to toss the mop?

Am a worrying too much or not enough? An answer seems beyond my Google Fu.
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Best answer: We're talking about a standard alkaline battery here, right? Those contain a mixture of zinc, potassium hydroxide, and manganese dioxide. The zinc is harmless, the potassium hydroxide is caustic but safe once diluted, and manganese dioxide can stain your skin but is otherwise not particularly noxious. Clean it with soap and water and don't worry about it.
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This might help... Also, what kind of battery was it?
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Response by poster: Alkaline, yes. Thanks!
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Response by poster: ( I remember my mother's dim but dire warnings about leaking batteries and doom...
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Personally, I wouldn't worry much about it. mop it clean, recycle the body...
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frumiousb, your mother was likely thinking of car batteries, which contain corrosive sulfuric acid and lead.
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Leaking alkaline batteries are really hard on the electronic equipment they leak into but not really a contact hazard to humans.
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