Easy Direct windows pc to pc large file transfer over the internet
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Are there any simple freeware apps that can do private direct file large file transfers or directory transfers over the internet between two windows computers on home networks without the third party storage or the limits of solutions like dropbox, google drive or live drive?

It needs to be something relatively easy so that a non-techie can setup at least one end of the transfer.
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TeamViewer is free for personal use and includes a file transfer feature. Remote desktop in this case would be a bonus.
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If you have a sort of techie at one end you could pair WinSCP with OpenSSH Server. The person who can follow internet direction sets up a SFTP server on their machine and the other person connects to it with WinSCP.

The only hassle for the client is if the server end's IP changes.
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BitTorrent Sync is just about tailor-made for this. It helps if you're a little technical on the file-hosting end, maybe, to get the details right. But the remote-receiving end is easy: install software, then add the link you send them. It's straight peer-to-peer file delivery, no limits. Can be two-way sync'ed or one-way copied. Very modern and smooth.

They have some 'Pro' features for a price, but you don't need those and the basics are free.
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Response by poster: Sadly it is the host end that is non-technical...
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In that case, use TeamViewer or similar to get remote access to their machine and set up the host machine for BT Sync or whichever you choose.
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Bittorrent Sync has been streamlined (or dumbed down, depending on your POV) a lot since it was first released. Pick a folder, get a link, send link to other person. It's what I'd use.

Also, once the sync folder is set up, the other party can send files just by copying them there.

Unless they've improved it since I last tried, TeamViewer file transfer is pretty atrocious (slow, confusing). TeamViewer itself would be very handy for setting up something else though.
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CrashPlan is designed to do this rather easily, and the software to back up to another computer is free! The information is encrypted with a password, and doesn't live on any other servers in the meanwhile. It also allows unlimited data upload. I find the interface to be simple to navigate, and it'd be the same program on both computers which makes for easy walk-throughs during the setup process.
It should be fairly simple to choose the files you want from computer A to back up to computer B, then decrypt them with the password you set.

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FileZilla FTP server/client. Can do.
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