Can you help identify the Sundance 2016 font?
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I am trying to figure out the low x-height extended sans serif font that is used for the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Here is an example. I have come up empty using What the Font and Identifont. Perhaps because there aren't enough capital letters. Hoping someone just knows what it is...
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I can't place it, but it appears to be designed by a novice. The joints (a, n, u) are too heavy and curves pretty wonky. If you like this style, ARS Maquette is a more professional take. You can see it in use on the TypeCon site and more at Fonts In Use, including Square Cash (a customization).
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Best answer: I ran it through whatthefont (from a better source image) and got Sanzettica 7 Ultra Expanded
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Response by poster: Thanks, O9scar. That must be it!
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