Need to find an on-line inexpensive expense reporting/tracking system.
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One of my client companies needs to implement an on-line inexpensive easy to use expense reporting/tracking system. So far they have initially looked at Expensify (5$ @user) and Tallie ($9 @ user) . Does anyone have any input on either of these? Do you have any suggestions for alternatives? Though initially Expensify was the strongest contender during our investigation and trial startup we have not been impressed with their customer support. So now we are a bit skeptical and looking for further feedback.
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I really like Wave. It's free. You collect your receipts and it builds the expense reports for you. I've never needed support but that's free, too. If you are demanding support users, they have a premium support option.
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Can you define inexpensive? My company uses Harvest, which is in the $10/user range but we're very happy with it.
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I've used Expensify, and it works fine. I've never personally had to contact their customer support, though.
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I've used ExpenseCloud and Expensify in recent history, and greatly preferred Expensify. I didn't have to interact with their support team, but the mobile app is quite good, the receipt scanning/parsing mechanism is pretty great, and being able to link up a dedicated business credit card automatically was a killer feature. All in all, it made expenses about as hassle-free as they can be.
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I really like expensify but my only other experience was concur (blrechhhh)
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