We're living somewhere else for a month. But where?!
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We rented our house for 5 weeks in July and early August, so we're outta here (here being White Mountains, New Hampshire). We've got two dogs and a hankering for adventure. Where in the U.S. or Canada should we live for a month or so this summer?

Here are a few things we love to do:
  • Back-country car camping/overlanding/off-roading (we have a Jeep Rubicon and aren't afraid to use it)
  • Hiking/kayaking/canoeing/mountain biking
  • Cool nights, milder days (not a must, but we're not big on 90+ weather day and night)
  • Reasonable nearness to amazing restaurants (a nice-to-have, but we don't really have it here at home, so it would be nice to have it on vacation
  • Great classical music and art museums (odd alongside the other interests, I know)
Other than that, we want to experience some new places! We're thinking Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Alberta, and are probably not too interested in anything in the Northeast, although we haven't explored northern Maine or New Brunswick.

We're thinking of driving leisurely to a destination and camping along the way. Once we get there, we'll rent a cabin/small house/apartment/whatever (with our two small dogs), which we'll stay in for 3-4 weeks and use as a home-base/work-place for further adventures.

Our thought is that, by staying in one place that has lots of cool stuff to explore in the vicinity, we'll really get to know a great new place. We're open to any and all ideas, though...I know you'll have some great ones!
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Best answer: Goose Bay, Labrador.
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Best answer: Homer, Alaska or Girdwood, Alaska are both super-fun and beautiful in the summer.
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Best answer: Out west, there is a *lot* of public land. It's managed by the Bureau of Land Management. You can boondock - camp with no specific site - in much of this land and in many of the acres of National Forests, managed by the Natl. Forest Service. There are regulations. The term to search is dispersed camping. I would also strongly recommend the many, varied and wonderful national parks. The Grand Canyon did not disappoint, and someday I'll get to Yosemite. People do a lot of boondocking in the Flagstaff - Sedona, AZ area.
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Best answer: Big Sur and California's central coast! Some very nice small towns surrounded by absolutely stunning landscape. Very different than NH too.
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Best answer: The North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota is gorgeous. The Superior Hiking Trail is excellent, there is camping, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Voyageurs National Park, Duluth, Thunder Bay, Hibbing, Grand Marais... I think you'd love it.
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Best answer: Washington State: great water, great mountains, great beer, lots of dog lovers.
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Best answer: Given this is the hottest time of year, I'd suggest either Lake Tahoe, or, something exactly like Lake Tahoe so much that is exactly Lake Tahoe.
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Best answer: Or actually given the art museums criteria Montana is a great fit. A lot of awesome galleries in their college towns but just a few hours from mountains and lakes and wow-nature.
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Response by poster: I normally don't mark so many best answers, but these are all awesome! Lots of places to investigate...I'll try to remember to come back and update this post when we decide on a plan of action. Thanks everyone!
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Response by poster: theora55 - special thanks for the search term "dispersed camping." I haven't heard it before, and it's super helpful!
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Best answer: You didn't mention $$ but short-term rentals in Montana during those months can be hard to find and expensive unless you book very early (like now.) Montana will be into the 80s and 90s during the day but around 70 at night.

Bozeman or Missoula would meet all your criteria. Red Lodge would be another good base.

If you do decide on Montana feel free to message me for tips. I travel everywhere in Montana.
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