Looking for a NYC area gynecologist with expertise in Bartholin's Cyst
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Would love recommendations from people who've had positive experiences with their gynecologist in treating Bartholin's Cyst in NYC or northern NJ. Bonus if said gynecologist accepts Independence Blue Cross.
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Bartholin's Cysts are a fairly common issue and any generalist gynecologist (as well as many family practice physicians) should be willing and quite capable to work with you on this - do you have any specific characteristics that you're looking for in said physician?
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Just as I said - I'm looking for personal recommendations from people in the area who have successfully worked through this with their gynecolgist. From reading online it seems that this issue is not always competently or successfully handled by doctors.
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It is possible for a Bartholin's cyst to reoccur even if it is appropriately treated at the outset. I would NOT go to an ER as your changes of having a tolerable experience will be lower in that setting. As noonday points out, any gynecologist can help, but it sounds like you want reccs for a sensitive caring one.
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