Help finding an episode of On the Media from a snippit
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Hi, I'm trying to put together a week of lectures on Women in Refrigerators for my students and I have gone and found Gail Simone's old list and looked at Feminist Frequency's episodes for Bitch Magazine, and I have some passages from a myth textbook and Joseph Campbell's work. But I want to add one of my favorite podcasts, On the Media. I vaguely remember the host Brooke Gladstone talking to a guest once and she says that when she was younger and she remembers watching those old black and white movies like Perils of Pauline she remembers there being something vaguely erotic or sexual about the way that the evil villains would tie up the damsels in distress and leave them on the railroad tracks, and she may have said she wrote her masters thesis on it? But I can't find a thesis on Proquest or JStor that Brooke published, anyone with a fantastic memory?
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Do you mean Gladstone wrote the thesis? According to Wikipedia, she went to University of Vermont and Stanford, so I recommend searching their catalogs.
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Response by poster: I checked that. Stanford U doesn't have any electronic copies of theses before 1989 and Gladstone would've been around before then. The theses aren't on Jstor, WorldCat, or Proquest, and they don't show up when you search their thesis database specifically. I think UVM is the undergrad school.
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The stay of On the Media is relatively small and exceedingly friendly. I once sent them a simple throwaway question about a variation of their theme music and I got a response from Brooke herself really quickly. So I guess in short, you shouldn't pass up the opportunity just to ask OTM.
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Response by poster: Terry with Marc! Thanks that's it!
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