Who do I create a panoramic draggable video for use online?
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I want to create a panoramic interactive HTML5 video to use online. How do I pull it off?

I want to set up a video camera on a tripod and shoot 180° view of Times Square. I want to embed it fullscreen on a webpage and users would be able to drag it around with their cursor. I don't need it to scroll vertically like this, just horizontally.

Can I do this with a single GoPro and stitch it together?

Or is this a lot more complicated and requires multiple GoPros?
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Unless you have an additional need to have something happening simultaneously (long line all jumping) a single camera should work. A quality still camera on a tripod might be better, take overlapping shots one after another then find some stitching software.
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Response by poster: take overlapping shots one after another then find some stitching software.

Can you tell me how I'd do this with video? It sounds like you're describing static photos which is not what I want.
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What are your quality requirements? It seems to me I saw a tripod in which the camera pointed upward and shot 4 mirrors (or some such scheme). I would guess shake would be a big problem if you pushed a cart along on street surface even if you half-deflated pneumatic tires.

I'm assuming you need to shoot real-time (to allow the crowds to move in a non-staccato fashion).

A panoramic drone might make sense. Or a lighter-than-air craft. Can you see taking a small Zepplin for a walk? Tricky to keep stable!

I think it's not an easy problem!
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Best answer: This Kodak camera may do what you want. Or using 2 or 3 gopros. Or a few Canon cameras with Stereo Data Maker, which supports video. Depends what quality you need, how much you can spend, and how much tinkering you are comfortable with.
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