Cool one or two-day courses to take in Hong Kong
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Hi, I'll be in HK for part of February, and wondering if you can recommend any cool and interesting courses that visitors can take? They'd have to be in English, but other than that I'm looking for things that I wouldn't be able to experience elsewhere. This needn't be necessarily HK-specific, I mean if you know of say, a physics lecturer who'd blow my socks off, I'd be keen to hear about it.

Interests: anything quirky and unusual; history; science; music; cuisine; theatre; writing; etc. etc.
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Which part of February? If you're there at the beginning, you're here for CNY and a lot of these kinds of activities may well be suspended. The Hong Kong Arts festival is beginning in the second half of February, and the Festival Plus agenda usually has quite a few workshops and masterclasses. This is one example of their classes.

Hong Kong also has a thriving meetup culture, so you might want to see if you find something interesting through meetup.

You might be able to find an interesting Feng Shui course if you google the dates you will be available. But most will not run in the first half of the month.
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oh right, Chinese New Year is approx Feb 8-9-10 so that's going to mess with things.
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I'll be there after CNY!
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