Looking for a bunch of nice blazers
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I've decided to go for the "blazer, nice tee shirt, and jeans" look for work. Female. Where shall I shop online for blazers? Snowflakes inside.

I work in a casual tech office. Can you help me find women's blazers that fit well for a busty, petite lady, have very classic and SIMPLE styling, look professional (but not part of a suit), and would go well with jeans and over a tee shirt?

Not more than $150ish each, but would prefer under $100 if possible. A range of colors, as I already have black and navy, would be nice.

Thank you, Metafilter!
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Aritzia blazers, when on sale, fit your budget. I have some modern unstructured ones that I love, in a nude/faun and a cream colour. I also got a nice muted green one at H&M, in their grownup/business-y section, for $40. Zara often has some cute ones too at a similar price point. These may be good options for you to play around with to figure out what you like!
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I love my blazers from Forever 21. Of all my blazers, those are the ones I would get the most compliments on. I'm petite and not busty, but those sizes fit me, fit my shoulders, and don't seem like I'm wearing my mother's work clothes. Target sometimes has good stuff. I've seen tons of stuff I love from Nordstrom Rack. Express is also pretty great, but the top end of your price. You can keep an eye out for sales.
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Nordstrom's has been excellent for me in the past- though I go into the store rather than online.
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Uniqlo has cotton jersey women's Blazers in a variety of colors that hit the perfect note between professional and casual. I think they're 40-50$.
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I'm petite and busty and blazers don't fit me off the rack. I tend to buy them in sizes large enough to fit my chest and have them taken in elsewhere, so you may just want to go for the petite brands and have a big size tailored to you.

I have never tried these brands, but you can have blazers made custom at Sumissura, and Pepperberry clothes are made for the busty woman (but I don't know how petite-friendly they are).
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Boden. Gap and Old Navy occasionally.
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Macy's—buy them in a skirt-suit set, then don't wear the skirt. You can get some really chic blazers that way, often on sale at the beginning and end of seasons.
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Talbots/Talbots Petite is pretty good too. A little pricey, but they almost always have good stuff in the sale rack.
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H&M has a great selection of professional blazers. They tend to run a bit narrow in the shoulder, though (for me that's a plus).
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If you want to look really put together in a blazer, you're more than likely going to need tailoring.
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I'm 32FF and 5'4 and the only blazers that have ever fitted me properly when buttoned are from Pepperberry. Sadly their selection is usually pretty basic (different shapes but usually black or navy). Bonus - their sales are excellent.

If you're not bothered about buttoning them up (or looking like you couldn't button it if you wanted, which I always think looks a bit sloppy but YMMV) then I've had a couple of nice blazers from Topshop in the past.
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Banana Republic & Loft when they have sales and or with coupons might be what you're looking for.
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For petite and busty, I'd suggest buying at a Uniqlo-type pricepoint to fit at the shoulders/bust and get them tailored. You should end up still under $100-150 and they'll look 10x more expensive than they are. You're likely to have to have the body taken in at the waist, perhaps shortening, and perhaps have the arms taken in as well.
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And pay attention to the materials. Some blazers can be stubbornly wrinkly, and some are less laundry-friendly (can only be dry cleaned, and have a short lifespan if you wear/wash them on a regular basis).
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