Deeper Mac Networking Question
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Has anyone else heard of a "problem connecting to the server" since upgrading to El Capitan? (With apologies for the length.)

I've been chasing a new issue affecting my iTunes Music Library for months, getting little help from the Apple Discussions as it seems to be pretty obscure. Today I learned something I hope will help.

Keeping my media on an external disk worked well for many years, even when I connected it to our TimeCapsule so it would be available over our little LAN. Everything changed when I upgraded to El Capitan a few weeks ago. I began getting errors while trying to sync indicating the share was unavailable. It reads, "There was a problem connecting to the server, TimeCapsule. The share does not exist on the server. Please check the share name, and then try again."

These occur over and over every time I tried to sync, preventing me from copying audiobooks to devices. iTunes appears to be trying to talk to the disk on the network even when the iTunes disk is attached locally. Today I got the exact same message when I clicked on the iTunes disk icon in my sidebar. This has never happened before with any of the fleet of external USB's I work with every day and I'm sure it's related. I have a limited understanding of IPs, DNS, DHC, and all that so I'm hoping this rings a bell for someone else?

We have no dedicated ports so IP addresses of devices change all the time, yet this has never happened to the iTunes Disk. The names were not changed (the MacBook Pro name was, though) and I dragged the disk icon to the sidebar anew after wiping my HD and upgrading to El Capitan. I did experiment around the same time with a menu item to auto-mount disks called "Mountain" and caused a little trouble. I know to just delete and re-drag the disk to the sidebar but what of the iTunes problem? The iTunes settings have always pointed to the right folder on the right disk so that's not the trouble. (I've checked many times hoping it was that simple.)

Any ideas would be most welcome!
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I think ElCap prefers SMB over AFS, so the URIs may have changed enough that something is getting confused.

Mount the drive in the Finder and then launch iTunes while holding Option. Then navigate to the mounted disk. This should re-connect iTunes to where it thinks the data exists.
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It doesn't hurt to add that mounted disk to your startup items so that whenever the computer restarts it automatically mounts the disk. Go to System Prefs > [your user name] > Login Items and drag the mounted disk icon from your desktop into the pane so it's added to the list.
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As for adding to startup items I forgot to mention that El Capitan (unlike previous OSs) is losing track of those. I'll check startup items and find the little triangle next to the share's icon.
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