What's a good hotel in London with very comfortable rooms?
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I'll be in London somewhere around June 2016 and am looking for hotel recommendations. My stay will be approximately one week long. I will be spending extended periods of time in the hotel room working with one other person so I am primarily looking for hotels with very comfortable rooms. I would be very gratified if I could get some hotel recommendations in the 200 to 300 USD range (although if you happen to know of some amazing sub-200 USD hotel, please do tell).

Closer to central London is better. Please interpret 'comfort' and 'comfortable' as you like and then elaborate on your choice with specific details and/or images if possible. A good view and proximity to places where I can get coffee and tea are also important to be but secondary to the comfort of the room itself.
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We like using the Novotel chain. Comfortable and affordable. I have stayed at Novotel in Reading, Cardiff, and in two London locations and been very happy in each case.
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If 'very comfortable' means two comfy chairs for two people to sit on and, maybe, a desk, I recommend calling prospective hotels and asking. I've stayed at a number of London hotels at and above your price range. Most have been smallish and lacking 'two comfy chairs'.

Any location in the West End, i.e., near the usual tourist haunts, will be near food and coffee. Look at the distance to the nearest Tube station, too.
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The Main House
Ace Hotel, London
Citizen M
The Rookery
The Hoxton, Holborn
The Zetter
The Artist Residence

Smith' has many of these on their list, with good rates. Alternative, booking.com tends to great advanced discounts on many London (and European) hotels.

Alternatively, OneFineStay works very well here.
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My ex used to work for Firmdale Hotels. Ham Yard is beautiful, comfortable, and the food is reportedly amazing.
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I was in London in late August and stayed at the London King's Hotel, which is a recently remodeled place north of Hyde Park and east of Notting Hill, about a block from a stop (Edgeware Road) on the Circle /District/Hammersmith/Bakerloo lines. My room went for around $200 a night, and it seemed like a pretty decent deal for us in terms of convenience but wasn't too posh. It's kind of odd since the elevator is accessed through a coffee shop, but I think some of the cheaper rowhouse hotels in Belgravia or the like might not even have elevators?

The room and bathroom were fairly small by US standards, but it worked fine. Most of the hotels I investigated in London had comically small bathrooms and a queen or king size bed is hard to find at the sub-$300 range (at least in summer). Everything in the room was pretty new, the TV functioned as a free wifi hotspot, and we could zip off to just about anywhere in town pretty quickly. Obviously there's the coffee shop downstairs, there's a pastisserie right next to that, and a grocery store across the street to the north. The area was pretty heavily Arabic, so there were a lot of Middle Eastern restaurants that frequently had people sitting outside with hookahs.

The place we stayed at the airport on the way out was about the same price, but palatial by comparison.
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The location of the Holiday Inn is great, and it was clean (and large!). If you get a good rate, I'd try http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g186338-d199119-Reviews-Holiday_Inn_Oxford_Circus-London_England.html
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