Name my project! Podcast feed delayer edition.
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Please help me name my "podcast feed delayer" project. I'm working on a small spare-time project that proxies a podcast feed (or any RSS/Atom) but delays it by some amount of time, and can also reduce the interval between episodes. Use case: did you discover Welcome to Night Vale recently and want to start at the beginning, but don't want all old the episodes in your podcatcher right away, and instead want them to be doled out periodically (eventually catching up with the new episodes)?

I have a proof of concept working and would like to release this to the public after tidying it up, but "feed delayer" is not a good name. Suggestions? Some ideas I've had so far:
  • Delaycast, Stallcast, Lagcast - words like "delay" and "stall" are a bit negative and don't evoke the ability to catch up
  • Podpast - meh
  • Podcatchup - my favourite, but there's already a project with this name
Bonus question: if you know of any existing ways to achieve the same result, I'd be interested to hear about them (no point finishing this project if it can be done some other way).

I'll be putting this up on projects when it's ready to use. And maybe suggesting a FanFare "relisten"/"first listen" of WTNV :).
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Best answer: How about something based on the word "time-shift"? "Podshift" doesn't seem to be taken.
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Pod-pacer (since you're pacing out the old episodes.)
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Best answer: drip feed
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drip feed is great.

Bad ideas that might prompt better ones: something to do with the marshmallow experiment? Marshmallow, Marshmallow Later? Anticipate? Tantric? (Lol I'll premptively nope those for you, just meant something along the lines of "it's nice to wait for good things that are coming")
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Best answer: Working of other answers:

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Best answer: Pod shifter
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Threadjack: would you mind sharing your source code? I'm a beginning cider and I'd be interested in seeing how this works. Very interesting idea.
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Response by poster: kevinbelt: I'll be putting it on Github once it's cleaned up a bit.
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Best answer: Trickle, or Tricklepod, or Tricklecast.
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I don't have a good idea, but I wanted to ask that you post in this thread when you add it to Projects, because I want something like this (if it will work with Overcast) but don't frequent Projects.
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Response by poster: Lots of great suggestions; you folks really came through! I registered just about immediately after I saw disso's suggestion (.in domains only US$38 for five years at right now) and did a quick check for any other projects using the name. I'll post a followup once I have something worth showing.
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Not a name suggestion, but if feasible I'd suggest allowing someone to opt-in to being able to get the latest episode of a podcast while simultaneously going through the back-catalog in chronological order. For podcasts that aren't really narrative heavy I like to get the latest episode in case there's something timely I'd like to know about (live shows, merchandise, action items, just feeling current, etc.). So for example, I'd receive Ep 1, 2, 325, 3, 4, 326, 5, 6, etc. until caught up entirely. Just a thought, either way this sounds like a good idea.
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