Where to get a Honda Civic 2012 key replaced in the East Bay?
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What is the cheapest place in the East Bay (or beyond) to cut and program a key for my 2012 Honda Civic?

I lost one of my two master keys to my Civic and now looking to get it replaced. I called the dealership in Oakland, who said they would charge $180 for a new key. Some Googling has led me to believe that the cheapest way to get a new key would be to buy the physical key online and then get someone to cut and program it, typically for a cost of about $60. Does anyone have recommendations for dealers or locksmiths who would cut and program a key for that cost or less?

The Honda dealership said they would do it for "more than $100," and Oakland Locksmith quoted me a "starting price" of $100 for keying and programming. It would be great to find a place who would do it for cheaper. I'm willing to drive to any location within 20 miles of Oakland.

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Ace Hardware does keys, but I think they run around $100.
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Lowe's can copy/program some car keys. Bring it there and see if they have a blank for that year/model. The prices vary for different makes and models, but it shouldn't cost more than $60, maybe less.
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Two weeks ago I spent a lot of time finding the cheapest working key copy for my 2001 Honda Accord. Wal-mart, Lowes and Home Depot all offer some sort of "buy a transponder key here, and we'll cut and program it for you". Lowe's was the cheapest at $29.98 (that's the total pre-tax cost for the cut and programmed key". This is given that you have at least 1 copy of the key now. These Car keys with chips in them are called "transponder" keys, and need "programmed", but at lowe's they copy the "program" from a key you provide them to your newly purchased $29.98 key. This key at lowes should fit your car I think. I find this topic interesting and a $30 programmed key a bargain. Just take your current key into lowe's and they'll have you with a new programmed key in a few minutes. I have no affiliation with any of those companies. If you buy your key from ebay, and try to take it into those stores they usually won't program it for you.
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Here Is a youtube explanation of how they copy the key. (This is made by Hillman, the company that provide's the keys at lowe's).
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Be aware that not all Lowes have the new equipment needed to copy a chip key. Call before running all over town .
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