Book of Native American Short Stories
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My mother is looking for a book of Native American short stories that she thought was titled "Best Indian Stories Ever". (Indian = Native American in this situation).

She remembers one story from the book about a family that takes in a wounded Native American man that they happened upon while out in the woods. They bring him home and nurse him back to health. The Native American man and the family's young son become friends. Once the Native American man was well enough he leaves, the little boy is sad and the mans tells him "no rain on the face" or something similar. She also thinks that the man gave the little boy the name of Mevinike (??).

This would not be a current book. She probably bought it in the 70s.
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Not sure if it's the book she's looking for, but Richard Erdoes' American Indian Myths and Legends is a classic in the field.
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