Are there any dehumidifiers available to the US not made in China?
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I'm looking for a home dehumidifier in the 30-70 pint range. Please suggest me a brand made in the USA, or Gemany, etc that I can buy (like from a chain store) or order?

I'm not looking for silica gel packets or other alternatives, just a regular electric dehumidifier.
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Delonghi dehumidifiers are made in Italy. From my experience, I cannot recommend them as a brand. I had one that worked great up until the point that it didn't. Under warrantee, I contacted them and was forwarded to a service center a hundred miles away. I was told that I could send it in for evaluation (no guarantee that it would be either repaired or replaced) at my cost. The cost of shipping it to them exceeded the cost of a replacement.
I replaced it with a Frigidaire, which AFAIK, is made in Mexico.
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There is a question on this dehumidifier on Amazon, and someone has answered that it was made in Canada. However, there is no way to know if the person answering is correct or where they got their information. I have a Frigidaire that was made in China, FWIW.
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