Hand-warming gifts?
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An older (late 60s) family member has been having a lot of trouble with very cold hands recently. She mentioned that it's not even a cold-weather thing, as her hands were cold even this past summer. Let's assume that she's addressed this with her doctor (she visits the doctor regularly), so I'm not looking for health-related advice. What I am looking for are recommendations for products that she can use to warm up her hands.

Pertinent information about her:
- she's retired and pretty much a homebody
- her regular routine involves TV watching and frequent use of her iPad
- she's small and thin, bordering on frail
- she and her husband keep the house at a normal room temperature
- she's paranoid about electronics setting fire to the house

I have drawn this person in my family's Secret Santa, so I thought a hand-warming device of some sort would be a good idea for a gift. Price limitation for the total gift is $75ish. Any recommendations for things I can get to help her? I was hoping for something nicer than those disposable HotHands hand warmer packs, but things like the Zippo hand warmers seem like overkill, since she's not super active outdoors.
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The wirecutter has a nice round up. Their pick is well below your price point and seems like a great gift.
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I ordered these for my grandmother when she needed to apply heat to her wrists. You can microwave them and then pull them over your hands/wrists. These aren't very pretty (although yes, warm!), but I bet you could do the same thing with a rice pack, just like the neck/shoulder warmers.

I also sometimes wear fingerless gloves at work, as my office is freezing. Etsy has many varieties of these, made of all difference materials. Those really help my hands stay warmer.
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The Zippo warmers are a pain, dealing with lighter fluid. A rechargeable sounds like a great idea if there's a well-rated one.

If you think electronics would freak her out too much I'll throw you a curveball suggestion - what about a muff? Something like this. Can be used with the disposable hand warmers but even without, is just a nice warm fleecy tube that she can rest her hands in when watching TV, but easily free her hand from to use the iPad. I think there are prettier versions to be had - looks like Etsy might have some cute ones.
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Inexpensive, soft, beautiful wrist warmers work daily miracles for my cold hands. They seem to prevent heat-loss on the veins on my the wrist, and seem to change everything for me. They can look as casual or elegant as you like, outdoor or indoor/all day use.
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Touchscreen gloves? She can wear them while using her iPad.
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I can personally attest to the awesomeness of these Microwaveable Buckwheat Heat Therapy Mitts. Mind you, I was using them primarily for arthritis relief rather than cold relief, but the warmth was delicious. Given your budget, you could get her two pairs.
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These are incredibly adorable -- not sure if they totally fit what you're looking for, but thought I'd throw them out there: http://www.amazon.com/Smoko-Toast-USB-Handwarmers-Butta/dp/B00B4YJ3PE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1449680037&sr=8-1&keywords=toast+hand+warmers
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I can't link right now, but woot.com has reusable hand warmers for sale today!
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The USB ones mentioned by rainbowbrite work great - get super warm. I also use arm warmers as mentioned by iiniisfree.
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