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Please help me find a print depicting idioms and slang.

Back in college, my suitemate had this large poster of animated idioms and slang. Suggestions for any other type of "busy" artwork, posters, sculptures is appreciated. I want to start exposing my son to it.

AI a dead man on the floor with a bucket on one leg and the head of a frog=He kicked the bucket. He croaked.
A man and woman dressed up painting the side of the building red=Painting the town red
A man with a head expanded like a baloon with a belt squeezing his waist=He's full of hot air. Tightening his belt.
This are the only three that come to mind easily that where on the poster.

This was a really busy picture, and I would spend hours staring at it(high), but never bothered to get the name of it(or forgot).
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Check out this page. (Googled for +poster collection idioms.)
posted by Gator at 7:42 AM on December 13, 2005

Response by poster: I did not google it this morning when I posted, but previously I did...constantly.
Anyway, thanks for the lead.
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