Holiday Fancy Shoes To Heel My Sole
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Stylish ladies of MetaFilter, I am in need of advice. I'll be attending a fancy holiday party in two weeks and I don't know what shoes to pair with this dress.

The dress hits below the knee on me, and I'm short (5'4"). I've been trying to search my usually-preferred brands (Clarks, Dansko, Born), but I haven't been able to figure out what style or color of shoe or boot would look best here. High boot? Dressy bootie (is that even a thing)? Pump?

I can tolerate heels no higher than 2 inches, and I would like to be able to dance in whatever shoe I buy. I think I'm hung up here because the party is supposed to be "semi-formal," and for real I can't remember how many decades it's been since I attempted to dress for any event with this level of fanciness...including my own wedding. I'm 42 and my style is usually sort of minimalist boho. I am hoping to pay $100-ish (but can go higher for the right pair) and have access to Zappos, DSW, and most US-based brick and mortar shoe peddlers.
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That dress reminds me of sort of an dance-teacher style; simple, flowy. I think it would look lovely with black or silver pumps, maybe something with a strap. Boots would be too heavy for it; it's a dancy/swirly sort of dress. You can find low/non-painful heels at DSW.

Since it's the holidays, I'd vote pretty slightly sparkly silver heels.

DSW has a whole holiday/party pumps section. If you get a Naturalizer or similar brand they can be plenty comfy.
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Nthing sparkly - I think a Mary Jane style would be cute also.

Shiny flats for dancing maybe?

Fancy Dansko?

I like Miz Mooz - they are pretty comfortable for heels - I am 43 so I get where you are coming from.
These are cute

Have fun!! It has been ages since I bought new shoes and went to a fancy party!
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I love the Fluevogs...very balanced heel. These are expensive but will last forever and are the most comfortable adult shoes I have.

I have these oxblood Maribrans and I can run AND do a flying kick in them, when the knees will allow. I also really like these namesake boots. They are three-inch, but they are balanced like an aircraft carrier. :)
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Such a gorgeous dress. I may copy you for the Christmas party here, but I don't think we'll meet.
These ECCO shoes are very classic and come in different colors.

I know this Camper shoe is going to be comfortable, but maybe it is too severe?
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Best answer: You could wear that with any nude or gold shoe and look perfectly appropriate and lovely, but I'd be tempted to go for 70s Luxe Deluxe and pair that with royal blue or navy velvet (or sparkly) pumps or platforms, gold accessories (including e.g. drop or hoop earrings) and big, glamourous hair.
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Don't go typical Soviet comfort shoe on this one. You've got the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress vibe here, I think that would look really pretty with a well constructed ballet flat (perhaps with a thickish sole for comfort) in a muted metallic. Pewter or silver.

This Betsey Johnson is festive, and it would look really good with evening pants or other outfits.

I have these Cole-Haan Ballet slippers and I wear them CONSTANTLY. Great sizing and comfort, not big, honking or ugly.

J Renee has this pretty shoe, very fancy, but you'd be mesmerized by your beautifully shod tootsies.

Another blingy Betsey Johnson.

Enjoy the party!
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Dressy booties are absolutely a thing! Tons of options out there right now.

I'm one inch shorter than you are, and quite a lot younger, but I say: don't rule out boots or booties. Boots definitely aren't too clunky for this outfit if you choose a complimentary style. Choose something form-fitting, sleek, with a kitten heel (or slightly higher), in black or other dark shade with tonal nylons or tights.

It's wintertime. Do you really want to be walking around with bare legs and open-toed disco ball shoes dropping glitter everywhere?
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Great dress, BTW.
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Hi! I do hair and makeup and I can wear these Donna heels by Hotter while standing up and working for several hours at a time. I think their vibe might fit your dress. I'm your age and have picky feet.
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