Can you name this music video/song? MTV, mid-'90s or thereabout.
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I've had an MTV music video stuck in my head since 1996 at the latest (when I stopped having access to the channel) and probably for several years longer than that. Please help. Details within.

The song was on the pop or rock side of things, and may've been some kind of a power ballad. There were two female vocalists.

The video presented two different settings in a sort of heaven/hell or "both sides of the mirror" sense, starting on the pleasant side and then crossing over to the malign end and probably combining.

If memory serves the settings weren't exactly realistic -- more like Studio 54 meets Buñuel -- and the two women were dressed to reflect their good/bad characters in an obvious way.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Shakespears Sister - Stay?
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VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE?? (Song is "Monsters and Angels")
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"Stay" is almost certainly correct, and it only took five minutes! Thanks.
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I hate when I know the answer to something, but I don't see the question until after it's already been answered.
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