August travel?
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We never travel in August, because that's when everyone else travels. But next year we have a big birthday to celebrate in August, and want to take a nice trip somewhere. What's a good place to go (anywhere in the world) that is at its best in August? 30-something couple, no kids, experienced travellers.
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The Engadin valley in Switzerland is pretty fantastic in August -- high altitude so temperatures are rarely extreme, spectacular hiking at all skills levels, amazing food, amazing trains. The Berner Oberland and Jungfrau region are also excellent, but much more crowded at that time of year.
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I almost always end up traveling in August as part of a 30-something couple, no kids. Our trips to Scotland, Iceland, the Galapagos, Washington State (Olympic and North Cascades), and British Columbia (Johnstone Strait) have all been excellent at that time of year.

Our future August ideas are Northern Italy/Slovenia, Alaska, and Norway.

I've bookmarked this thread because I need more ideas, too!
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Finland, Sweden, Norway. By car, or by train through Sweden. You can go way beyond the arctic circle. Reindeer. Not a lot of people. Also what TrarNoir said.
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The Canadian Maritimes! Great beaches, 75 degree ocean water, lobster season...There's lots of cultural to see too; memail me if you would like suggestions. Even though it's the best time to visit it won't be too crazy, not like France in August when the entire country is on vacation.
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Northern Spain (particularly Basque Country)
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Copenhagen/Malmo area. The big holiday month for Danes is July, so it means you are not competing with Danes for the best deals, the hotels or events. The weather is at its best, the region will be full of activities but it's less crowded at the beaches. Win/win.
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As many people have suggested, it's a good time to go to far north, to places that have warmer weather during the summer. But it's also a good time to go to southern Africa, since their winters are moderate. It's also the best time to go on safari in the region, because it's dry season so the animals are more concentrated around water sources.
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I went to Australia(Melbourne, Sydney Canberra, Ayers Rock)in Aug/Sep 2004 and remember it being fairly mild.
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Not as exotic, but the Pacific Northwest is beautiful at that time of year. I love Port Townsend, Washington.
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Australia (and NZ?). It's spring in Sydney, everything is in bloom, and it's just lovely. Weather warm-cool without being overly humid or rainy. School will have just started back up for term 2, so it's business as usual for us - things shouldn't be overly crowded or booked out.
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Machu Picchu is good in August. (Lima kind of sucks in August though).

Queensland/Great Barrier Reef/Daintree NP are also good in August.
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Putting in a plug for my kicking grounds -- Southeast Alaska is absolutely stunning that time of year. It is kind of well-touristed that time of year but you'd be surprised how dramatically the crowds thin out once you get just a little ways away from the cruise ships and their orbits.
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Response by poster: Awesome answers, and a lot of places we've never been. So much research to do! Thanks.
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