Anyone know a good real estate agent in Raleigh, NC?
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I'm looking for a house in Raleigh or possibly Durham. I need an agent who won't make me miserable. I know a great guy in Durham, but unfortunately he doesn't know Raleigh very well. He doesn't know all the stuff like "Everyone wants to be on this street because it's next to (nice thing)" etc. So I'm thinking maybe I should find a Raleigh-specific agent. The difficulty is finding a good agent.

I want to avoid ones who are pushy and don't listen. I've had agents try to jam me into some house, any house without listening to what I'm telling them about what I want/don't want.

I've had them call/text/email every 90 minutes.

I can't handle pushy sales people. The pushier they get the more stressed-out and reluctant I get.

My Durham guy was so great because I'd show him a listing I found on Trulia and he'd be all, "No, that one's bad because (specific reason). This other one over here is gonna work out better for you." How many agents will do that, even when the other one is a cheaper house?

Does anyone know a good Raleigh-based agent?

Or should I stick with my Durham guy and ask him to venture into Raleigh even though he doesn't know it in detail?

In case it matters my budget is $240k. I'm relocating from across the country.
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I had a great experience with Kimberly Conroy. We knew absolutely nothing about Raleigh or about buying a house, and she was really patient with our lack of experience and our limited funds. Not pushy or overbearing in the least.

This was ten years ago, but she's still with the same company and still checks in once a year or so.
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We were really happy with Paula Walls, who seems to be with the same company that Kimberly Conroy is. Our budget was only $175,000 but she was really great to work with and helped us find an ideal home even though she handles a ton of bigger transactions than that. We bought in Durham, so I don't know how good she is for Raleigh. You might take this as a general vote for Howard, Perry, and Walston since they seem to attract good people.
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Maybe your Durham guy knows someone in Raleigh?
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We were really very happy with George Huntley. Not only a great real estate agent, he's also a member of the Connells, recently mentioned on the blue. He has his own firm, so easily found via Google.
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We hired John Heller and are under contract for an awesome house in Chapel Hill. He's Durham based, has lived in Chapel Hill, but really seems to know the Triangle Area as a whole. He is not pushy at all, has been great at getting us listings and showings of homes that we liked, is really on the ball about being in contact with us and the seller's agent for the home we are buying. He's a bit old school too, like he'll print out listings even though smartphones exist :) But overall we are super happy with his work.
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Johnny Wehmann helped us find our house in Durham when we were relocating from Virginia. He wasn't pushy at all; very relaxed and helpful. If I were house-hunting in the Triangle I would definitely go back to him.

Good luck with your move! We really loved living in the Triangle, I hope you will too!
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Great! Thanks a lot for the help, everyone.
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