Where are your favorite quilting blogs?
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I have been getting into quilting lately, and I love looking at pictures of beautiful quilts out there that other people have made. Do you have any quilt blogs that you follow and love?

Also, I love having videos running while I'm actually working on my quilt, so any suggestions of youtube channels to follow are also welcome. The Missouri Star Quilt channel is just the sort of thing that I'm looking for.
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If you just want to look at quilts, Instagram has around 500,000 of them!
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I started quilting in 2009 (and asked about quilting books back then) and draw lots of inspiration from quilting blogs and the photos quilters post to Flickr. Some of my favorites, all of the modern quilt(er)s:
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I'm not a quilter, but my friend Karen McTavish is has some nice street cred in the quilting world and has tons of quilting information strewn out about the internet. Google her and you should find a little bit of everything you are looking for.
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If you're looking for a way to scan a lot of blogs for quilters whose style speaks to you, Amy's Creative Side hosts a semi-annual online quilt festival. Bloggers submit their work, and there are prizes in lots of different categories.
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That's a great list from amf! I also like Latifah Saafir, completely cauchy, and Rossie Hutchinson who's also the person behind this great Flickr pool.
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check pinterest.

i'll seed you with my wife's quilting board, https://www.pinterest.com/tricia_royal/quilting/
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Check out Haptic Lab! The constellation quilts are amazing.
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