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Is "Reverend" Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water and/or Money legal?

The late night tele-evangilist gives with promise of donation "Miracle Spring Water." If ordered one may miraculously receive free 'Miracle Money" which appears in the receiver's bank account without the record of deposit. Is there nothing to protect the consumer, or is the buyer merely purchasing an experience like Universal Studios or a brothel?
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I'm not seeing anything outright on his website that's illegal ore refers to miracle money.

Everything I see says that a generous benefactor (uncle, government lost check, etc.) came and solved their problems. Nothing overt though, just the subtle hint that donations will help speed up your personal miracle. Perhaps you're looking somewhere different?
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I think you missed the ctrl key pasting that URL.
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Jesus, Mary and Joseph! He's praying right over a shopping cart!Popoff is the charlatan than James Randi exposed as using a radio transmitter and tiny earpiece to make congregants believe God was telling him about their personal lives (as played by Steve Martin in a movie).

But seriously, Jesse, where does it promise "Miracle Money?"

Here’s a partial list of Popoff’s previous junk gifts:
  • A tiny pack of honey – "Fast one meal with me so that your eyes can be enlightened. Then together…we can break our fast with honey…Sow a seed now - $77.00."
  • An anointed plastic glove – "Wear your Faith Glove while you write out your best check now!!…Lay your other hand on this prayer page and trace it below."
  • Black and White picture of Jesus – "Look at the eyes in the [picture] for about forty seconds under good light then blink your eyes and look up…if you want to see the way Jesus looked when I saw Him in the spirit."

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I first read the banner at the top of the page as, "God is touching and hurting people around the world".
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