Paying IRS LLC Back Taxes, please help!
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So, I'm trying to pay the filing fees online that I never got around to. The personal tax account I made, my business tax ID number is attached to as well, HOWEVER, it's not indicating that I owe anything. I looked everywhere on the site menu to see how I can pay and it says I owe nothing (I owe a lot, even with no sales). Tax man is after me and I don't know what to do, please help! I'm in NY.
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Your question is not particularly clear, but I know the proper response: don't ask for an answer here. You need to speak to a professional - an accountant or an attorney. Don't fuck with the IRS. Do it right.
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Can you specify the fees you believe you owe and to whom? Filing fees are typically at the state level. A single member LLC is treated as a disregarded entity for fed income tax purposes unless you affirmatively elect otherwise - meaning income is reported on your personal return.
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One more thing - be careful in anything you sign. LLC exist for a reason, they shield individuals from liability. Often in dissolving the LLC, tax authorities ask that you assume tax liability, so make sure you get the right representation before doing anything
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The IRS--the federal tax authorities--levy precisely zero taxes on LLCs. Either it's a disregarded single-member LLC, in which case you should have filed a schedule C on your personal return, or you were supposed to be filing a partnership or S-corporation return and you didn't. In which case, you may have penalties for not filing, but they don't have taxes associated. That is, mind, the IRS. The state of New York may have completely different requirements and its own taxes, but that would have nothing to do with the IRS. You really need to talk to a CPA about this. Do not, do not, DO NOT try to do this yourself when you've already screwed up trying to do it yourself.
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The tax man said it was all $50 quarterly non-filing fees. I ask here since there are some professionals who use this site that own LLCs and it's the weekend so their offices are not open and I was looking for answers ASAP. But thanks for the reminder I need to talk to them... Anyways, thank you Sequence, I'll just have to wait until tomorrow.
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"The tax man" unfortunately doesn't clarify whether this is the IRS or a state agency or for which return the failure to file penalties are being imposed -- in the future, it will help (here or with a CPA or in general business life) to refer to the actual agencies, forms, and taxes.

Since it's $50 and you're supposed to file quarterly, it sounds like a NYS sales tax return. If you're registered for sales tax purposes, then you have to file quarterly even if you have no sales. The first step is to file the missing returns, then you can pay any late filing penalties or ask that they waive them (they sometimes do, if it's the first time it's happened, but it's not common). Note: calling the IRS or going to the IRS online account system will not help you with NYS sales taxes. You have to go to NYS's online services. I don't have access to any logins at the moment, so I'm trying to go on memory, but I believe there will be an option for "pay an assessment" if you've been sent a letter with an assessment number. You can also file the missing returns via online services - it might not let you pay the penalty until the missing returns are filed.
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