Donate a Halloween costume in November in DC
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I accidentally purchased a child's Halloween costume instead of an adult-sized one when ordering online. I used one piece of the costume (hat), so I can't return it, but the rest has never been worn, so I'd like to donate it. Googling turns up donation drives from 1-2 months ago, but nothing in November. DC MeFites, can you think of anyone who would take this? Preferably in DC proper, does not need to be tax-deductible.
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A school or theater, maybe, depending on the character/theme.
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Is there a specific DC school or children's theater you would recommend contacting? (I know the Lowell School has a strong theater program so I suppose I could start there.)

In general, specific recommendations would be most useful, since DC is a good-sized city and a business type doesn't do a lot to narrow it down.
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In my neighborhood, this is the kind of thing that people leave on their stoops so that others can take. Put it back in the package if you have one, and clearly label size if it's not apparent from the packaging. Someone would love to add it to their dress up bin.

I know that not everyone approves of this way of handing things down, but I can't figure out what their objections are. It's so direct! And this way it doesn't end up in a warehouse of used clothing without any chance of finding someone who might get some use out of it.
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Yeah, or post on NextDoor or Craigslist. When I give stuff away free I specify it goes to the person who responds and can get hear the earliest (providing my preferred time ranges if I care); I confirm my address once I have someone committing to a specific time. I usually leave on the front porch and ask them not to ring the bell when they arrive. Super easy and efficient.
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Maybe the Playtime Project; they have some costumes listed on their Amazon wishlist.

Another idea would be play therapists, who almost always have costume boxes that need refreshing.

Or if you can store it till next October, you could give it to any homeless shelter then and make some kid's day :)
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Since I've seen a couple of answers about this: we're not allowed to leave things on the stoop in my building.
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Do you mind shipping it? 'Ween Dream sounds like a good fit if you're willing to ship, though they don't have any locations near you.
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Do you know anyone who might have a kid in preschool? I bought a bunch of clearance Halloween costumes and donated them to the dressup corner when my kid was in preschool. They were thrilled.
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What about freecycle?
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