Science Fiction story about super children and a Viking warlock
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I am trying to find a science fiction story which I read in the late 50s to early 60s. It featured a group of boys in a far future who attend an educational event in an auditorium where they witness a ceremonial ritual involving a group of Viking or Viking warriors and a religious specialist or shaman or priest in a sort of transtemporal portal enclosed by a bubble forcefield.

One of the boys manages, via some sort of psi power, to reach through the bubble and, using the shaman or magus's powers, burst the field and let loose the magus and warriors loose in the auditorium.

I also recall the boys talking about taking a trip around the world later that afternoon and about how one of them is slated to be President of the world in a few weeks.

A very eldritch, uncanny story ala Cordwainer Smith or James Schmitz, not without humor.

Does anyone recall such a story ?
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