Costume accessory feedback needed
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Need a general consensus on this. Is it a bad idea for me to bring a real hatchet to work tomorrow as part of my costume?

Assume relaxed, young, informal but reasonably professional workplace. Missus thinks no and she's usually a good judge. No higher ups to deal with, since I am unfortunately the higher up. Lots of people dressing up.
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Yes, bad idea. Do not bring a sharp object like that to work. The downsides outweigh the upsides so much it's ridiculous
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Listen to the missus! Not a close call here.
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Well, what's the downside to erring on the side of caution?

What could you gain from carrying a real hatchet to work weighed against what could you lose by it?

I would not do it because I cannot work out in my head a sufficiently good reason to care enough about a Halloween costume at work such that it outweighs the potential harm to myself or the work environment or hassle of a problem--however unlikely--related to a Halloween costume.
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Please refer to this previous question for your answer.
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Well there you go, makes sense. Glad the world has more reasonable people, which is why I am here. Consider it shelved!
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Unless you run a Boy Scout camp, then yes, it's a bad idea.
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Terrrrible idea.
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Sure, bring one, if you're likely to need a hatchet during the day to day operations of your workplace (park ranger, maybe?) Otherwise no. Even looking past the obvious "don't bring weapons places" thing, would you really want to carry a hatchet around all day? And the "bury the hatchet" jokes, come on, you don't want to bring that on yourself.
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I think very obviously fake weaponry (cardboard cutout painted ridiculously) can actually be more amusing and help people "get" the outfit even better.
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Too late now, I assume, but maybe see if you can buy a plastic one at a toy store or toy department. The year I went to work dressed up as an electrician, I wore a real orange hard hat and carried a real yellow extension cord over my shoulder, but the tool belt and tools came from a children's plastic toy set.
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