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We’re heading into our neverending winter here, and I’d like some ideas for exercise videos or games that I can do with my 10 and 12 year old kids. As corny as it is, I’d love a modern day Sweatin to the Oldies. Does such a thing exist? Funny songs and laughing while we do cardio or strength training? We are not fans of most current Pop music – unless it’s being covered by Weird Al. And my daughter made a face when I suggested Yoga, so new agey is out. Any suggestions for videos or Youtube channels or other that could help us out? (We have a PS4 and XBOne, but not a Wii)
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What about the Just Dance and Dance Dance Revolution series of games? They have a good up-beat selection of songs. I don't consider myself a fan of current pop music, either, but the ones included in the games tend to be fun to dance to anyway. I had a lot of fun dancing to these with friends (who also had pre-teen boys at the time).
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Mousercise was Disney's exercise program. It's super corny and targets a younger demographic but I highly recommend checking it out.
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Zumba is very fun, and there is a ton of zumba stuff out there specifically aimed at kids, including a game for xbox one with a downloadable free demo. I'm not a fan of current pop music but for some reason cheesy pop in Spanish is ok with me. It's impossible to feel dreary while doing zumba.
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I have Just Dance 2015 and it's ten pounds of fun in a five pound bag. The songs are weighted towards current-pop but not exclusively, and even when they're songs I don't like to listen to I love to dance to them. It does require an xbox one and a kinect, but it's been terrific for us.
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In a similar question recently, someone suggested Cardioke by Billy Blanks. Cardio + karaoke. Seems like a literal modern Sweatin to the Oldies!
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Stage combat? (How to fake a sword fight with much lunging, ducking and parrying.) Videos are available on YouTube.
Kata? Going through all the motions of a combat system, usually in slow motion to get them into your muscle memory.
Actually playing with a nerf ball of some type.
Playing outside in the snow? There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes to be out in it.
Ballet. Hugely amateur ballet, not attempting to get the positions right, but still doing a lot of twirling and leaping and sticking one leg out. (Requires much space or an an extremely tolerant couch that doesn't mind kids leaping onto or colliding with it.)
Exercise bikes for virtual journeys and/or virtual races.
Break dancing. Square dancing. Belly dancing. Swing dancing. Also see"Novelty and Fad dances" in Wikipedia.
Boot camp with a highly demanding drill sergeant. (My kid's dad would burst into the room yelling "On Your Feet UpTOOSLOW! Fifty Push ups!") For best results you each take turns being the drill sergeant.
Ship Ahoy
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Dance Central Spotlight is also good!
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