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I am looking for a hotel, cabin, B&B etc. with a spectacular view of a natural landscape somewhere in the continental US around November 13-15 (somewhat flexible). It would have to be within driving distance from a major airport from which I can rent a car. I could fly out of Chicago or Milwaukee.

I spent a weekend recently at a cabin in western Wisconsin where I mostly sat around a fire and looked at the stars. I would love to do the same but with mountains or ocean or [something else] in the background instead.

Priorities, in order: the view, quiet (not "kid friendly"), low light pollution, under $150/night
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The North Georgia mountains or Asheville are just beautiful. Plenty of cabins to rent.
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Fly to Flagstaff, drive over to Monument Valley, stay at The View. Pay for a tour down into the valley. Drive down to Canyon de Chelly if you want more.
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Parts of Canada are a hell of a lot closer to you than parts of the "continental US." The Laurentians (among many, many, many, many examples) are closer to you than Flagstaff. Hell, Banff is closer to you. Lake Louise.
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No mountains or ocean, but canyons and cliffs abound: Under the Eaves in Zion National Park, a ridiculously beautiful <3-hour drive from Las Vegas.

It's ~$95-160/night (depending on the room) for damn fine views, day or night. Bonus: "We cater to an adult clientele; children 8 years or younger by agreement only, please, and when allowed must be accompanied by their parents at all times."
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I don't have a current passport so I cannot go outside of the US. Next year!
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I've stayed at a cabin here. View varies per cabin. 90 minutes from COS by car.
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You could fly into Portland< Maine and drive 2.5 hours to here.
I stayed at this cabin this summer. The pictures don't quite do it justice. Cozy fireplace, great kitchen. On a bit of a peninsula by itself. Secluded, quiet and cozy.
There is a main house and a mini cabin.
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Check out Longbow. You can have your own Ozark waterfall. Near Prim, Arkansas, about 2 hours by car from Little Rock (and Clinton National Airport). It gets quite dark at night in the region. Incredibly private.

I grew up in the area. If you go, you'll have plenty regional options for not just hiking and caving and floating (the Buffalo River is the state's pride and joy), but dining (Serenity Farm Bakery in Leslie is legendary and totally out in the middle of nowhere, Cliff House and Arkansas House in Jasper), and culture (Mountain View for music, Eureka Springs for bohemian/gay vibes, Hot Springs for boating/bathhouse stuff, etc.).
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Grand Canyon is a must! We stayed at the Bright Angel Lodge on the South Rim. Get a cabin, if you can; if not, you could get lucky like we did (we went in February 2014) and it was quiiiiiiiet.

Let's just say the sunrise over the rim changed my life.
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I've had great luck with vacation rentals in Vermont. You could easily fly into Burlington and pick up a rental car and get to somewhere nice; I would check airbnb for some deals, since your specifics may vary. The Northeast Kingdom is spectacular and sparsely populated, so you can get the solitude you're looking for. I clearly saw the Milky Way for the first time ever up there, and it was also the first time I heard loons. Magical!
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Oh, man, Kalaloch Lodge in Olympic National Park is so, so gorgeous. It's about 3.5 hours out of Seattle and in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Some of the cabins and part of the hotel look out right on the beach, where you can walk for literally miles in either direction. It fits all of your requirements but the last.
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Oooh, Kalaloch Lodge is a good one! The cabins themselves are not secluded, but they have a wonderful view of the wild and rocky coastline.

We also liked the cozy Doubletree Inn in Durango, Colorado right along the Animas River. Sadly, this is the river that was turned orange by the massive chemical spill earlier this year -- but it's back to the normal color now and it should be fine if you just want to look at it. You can head over to Mesa Verde National Park for a visit. Wonderful night skies.
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A couple of places you could drive to from SFO (or SJC/OAK): Lucia Lodge in Big Sur (there are some other good options in the area), or a cabin in the Sierras.
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Thirding Kalaloch. I don't know whether you could make your dates more flexible, but if you go during the week, it does cost under $150. I just checked and an ocean view cabin is $136 on Nov 12-13 and that's directly from their website without any special deals like AAA or military.

Get the last ocean cabin all the way on the left (if looking out to sea). It is indeed secluded, plus in November not many people will be staying there anyway.

You also might want to go sometime during the dead of winter; watching the storms out on the ocean from a cozy cabin with a wood-burning stove is delicious.
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