Help me find a photo! Elephants, plaid, boxes; B&W
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In the early '90s, in the back of my high school photography textbook, there was a gallery of photos. One was a black&white of two people wearing plaid shirts looking at elephants over a fence in a zoo. The photo was composed so one didn't immediately notice that further down the fence, there were two more people standing with boxes over their heads. Any help identifying this (or even better, finding a print) would be much appreciated.
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I think you're thinking of Garry Winogrand's The Animals
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gyusan has it, I think: image.
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It's included in Garry's book of the same name, as seen in this (re)view of the book on Vimeo. It's not very large, though. I'm not finding it for sale as a stand-alone image.
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Thank you so much! It's been bugging me for years.
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