Looking for a SF story about network packets from the future
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I'm looking for a story (short novel, perhaps?) I read online probably 5-10 years ago, about a team that invents network gear so good, it happens to pick up packets from the future. Other plot points inside.

  • The team "invents" things by stealing the ideas/patents from the future
  • There are typical lottery, stock market, and betting shenanigans.
  • The protagonist gets some sort of brain computer installed that uses an augmented reality type display, built into their eye(s). I specifically remember them being amazed at how easily the computer could hack into phones,etc while on a plane flight.
  • There may be some sort of plot point involving the organization that would have invented the things the team stole
  • I vaguely feel like the protagonist is some sort of reporter
  • There may also be a plot point about the head genius inventor dying or disappearing, which may also relate to why the reporter is involved.
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