Who's good at fixing broken teeth in Denver?
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My partner crashed her bike in Denver last night. She's banged up, but okay. One of her front teeth was broken in the fall. She needs help finding a dentist to repair or replace it.

She's only been in Denver for a grad program for a couple months, so she hasn't yet found a regular dentist. We're looking for a recommendation of a dentist she can see right away who does good work repairing broken teeth. Bonus points if the office is near DU.
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He's in Wheat Ridge but Dr. Luce has been doing a great job on me and my wife for 15 years or so.
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I don't know how any of us could know what dentist she could get in to see right away but Park Hill Dental Arts is great. In Park Hill, north of DU a ways, but in Denver.
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Closer to you, we've had ok experiences with Kincade Dental at Gilpen & Hampden. Not for emergency dentistry specifically, though.
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I haven't had any broken teeth repaired, but Dr. Whiteley in Cherry Creek in Denver (not far from DU) is excellent and a annual 5280 Magazine "top dentist".
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Try Downing St. Dental at corner of Evans & Downing. I like them fine. Sorry, don't have phone number at hand but I know they have a website.
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