Northeast US Sightseeing Weekend for Non-Walker
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An older relative is visiting in November and we are planning to go on a weekend road trip, most likely around Maine, VT, and NH, states she hasn't yet visited. She can't walk a lot but won't have a wheelchair, so even house tours may be tough. Looking for seated or low-mobility sightseeing ideas.

Our ideas so far are a ferry tour on the coast of Maine, and maybe a sightseeing train ride in NH, though the selection is dwindling in colder weather. It's difficult for an avid walker like me to think of fun activities that don't involve a lot of walking, so I'd love your help!
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I highly recommend the Kancamagus Highway. It's an incredibly beautiful drive, and there's lots of random things along the way.
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You can drive or take the cog railway to the top of the Mt. Washington. Getting out on the summit could be tricky, though.

If I were to do a site seeing drive in New Hampshire, and I have, I would start in Lincoln, right off Rt. 93. Take the Kancamagus Highway to Bear Notch Road to Rt. 302, then drive North through Crawford Notch. Follow 302 to Rt 3 around the Twin Mountain area, for views of the Northern Presidentials, then keep on Rt 3 down through Franconia Notch.

You could also take a longer way around through Pinkham Notch up to Gorham and take Rt. 2 back to 302. You'll have more chance of seeing moose if you go that way.

Only drive this route when it's light out because dusk and dark are prime moose hitting times.

There are plenty of picnic spots along that route and you could even stop at Canon Mountain and take the tram to the summit, though again I don't know what it would be like getting off and on with low mobility.
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Foliage will have peaked and it will be bare trees. Covered bridges are cool though.
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If your guest is willing, consider renting/borrowing/huying a wheelchair/scooter/wheeled walker like this one which doubles as a pushed chair to maximize the things they can see, and save energy for 'fun' things (even if the don't use an aid regularly at home). Often a local healthcare provider/service agency/Red Cross will have a 'loan cupboard', or asking friends with older relations may turn up a standard type wheelchair in someone basement (check it first for safety/useability/suitability).
It may be worth inquiring about whether they can use their own 'accessible' parking pass from their own jurisdiction when they are with you or if someone friendly will sign off on one for them locally to save what steps can be saved. Have a lovely visit!
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