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I want to get really, really in touch with what's happening with local politics: specifically, Seattle and Washington State issues. Do you know resources beyond Crosscut and KUOW for keeping up with the inside baseball?

I want to get reengaged in local politics and activism, and I've been reading the Stranger, Crosscut, West Seattle Blog, and some others to try to keep up. A few days ago, I read an article that cited Seattlish, which it seems like everyone was reading (but I had never heard of). I read through some excellent interviews on Seattlish, and they name dropped The C is for Crank, which, once again, all of the cool kids seem to know about and I had no idea. What else should I be reading? What does Eli Sanders read in the morning that I've never heard of? I want to know what city and state policy geeks are talking about. Also, big bonus points if you know good writing about state politics, because I can never seem to find much about what goes down in Olympia beyond the Stranger, the Olympian, and the Times. Thanks so much!
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You mention the Stranger but not Seattle Weekly.
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PubliCola - absolutely. And, amazingly enough, The Seattle Times - but go to the comments section of the article. There's usually a few kernels of truth to be gleaned from the detritus.
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Best answer: Go to City Club Events; they are currently hosting a bunch of city council debates.

Town Hall also often sponsors locally based lectures and presentations related to city issues.

Go to one of your neighborhood district council meetings, especially if you're interested in pushing local improvement projects.

Follow Jerry Cornfield or Austin Jenkins on Twitter for Olympia updates
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Best answer: South Seattle Emerald, Real Change (the homeless newspaper), Seattle Star (I don't know much about this one, but they published some city council endorsements today), Seattle Transit Blog, Seattle Subway, and of course the neighborhood blogs that you already know about, including West Seattle Blog, Capitol Hill Seattle, My Ballard, etc. Seattle Bubble is a very statistics-heavy blog on the real estate market, so it's not policy specific, but I bet wonky people who are interested in housing policy read it.
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The Urbanist Blog might also be a good one to check out.
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Response by poster: This is great! Some stuff I just wouldn't have thought of. Thanks for helping me level up my WORK Stat. For further clarification, I live in West Seattle, am a lifetime Washingtonian, and used to be heavily involved in GOTV and local activism. I miss it, and I'm hoping to find a way towards getting paid for political advocacy. But it's definitely the case that the players change quickly, so thanks for helping me get back up to speed. Keep 'em coming!
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Found a couple more via my city planner/architect friend:
HorsesAss (David Goldstein and others)
The Estranger (former Stranger staff)
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