Like sleeping on the floor, but higher.
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The backstory: my husband twitches and kicks in his sleep, pretty much continuously from dusk until dawn. We've been sleeping on a very firm cotton futon mattress on top of a folding wooden futon frame, and the whole bed shakes with his twitching. My sleep quality suffers.

We moved recently, and have spent the last few nights sleeping with the mattress on the floor, and LIKE MAGIC, I don't feel anything.

We're open to sleeping on the floor permanently, but would prefer to have a bed frame so that we can store things beneath the bed. What type of frame should we get to replicate this magical twitch-free shake-free sleeping experience? We are not looking to purchase a new mattress at this time.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm guessing the "folding frame" was rickety and you just need a stable platform type, with a lot of slats? (no boxspring) Those are a pretty common type of storage beds. My West Elm is very stable.
I do love my all latex mattress for this reason- animals and people can come and go and I don't feel a thing.
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My boyfriend has restless legs and I feel your pain. It was much easier to sleep when we had one bed with two mattresses, which also allows us to use different firmness as I sleep on my stomach and he on his back.
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Could you push 2 nice solid platform type single bases together. Then his base can vibrate away & you'd be on your own separate base (possibly pushing some padding between it minimise vibration transference).
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Platform + memory foam mattress. Preferably on top of a rug/carpet. Boom.
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A solid, heavy platform frame with plenty of contact with the floor will be fine. You want one with thick and plentiful slats and ideally support down to the floor under the middle of the mattress. Those folding futon frames tend to be pretty wobbly.
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The cheapie ikea platform bed I sleep on is pretty pretty solid. I'm sure a nicer one would be even better. Pretty sure it's this guy.

I hate box springs and can't sleep on those even by myself, my own jerking around wakes me up, let alone someone else.
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You want a really really stable platform bed. That's pretty much it. It's the frame transferring the movement, not the futon mattress in your circumstance. Platform bed. Works for us.
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Does he take magnesium? As an endurance athlete, if I get crazy restless legs after a hard race or during intense training, a tab of magnesium squashes it. Take it right before bed.

My husband flops about in his sleep and since switching yo a firm memory foam mattress I don't feel a damn thing. We got the Tempurpedic Rhapsody Breeze (and a king to spread out) but there's tons of other brands and makes out there. I highly recommend it!
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I sleep like a rock, while my husband is a flip-flopper all night long. What works for us is the IKEA Malm bedframe (see shownomercy's comment above) with a really firm mattress (we like the IKEA Sultan Hanestad coil mattress) and a 4" memory foam topper. We splurged at IKEA and got their best set of slats (no box spring) and I barely feel anything when he moves around.

A word on IKEA bed frames -- whatever you do, don't get the Brimnes frame with the under-bed drawers. We tried that one, and it was not only a nightmare to assemble, but several pieces either broke or wouldn't fit while putting it together. It felt terribly unsafe, and was freakishly tall to boot. I wish I'd Googled the Brimnes before we tried it; there are quite a few sites out there complaining about how awful it is.
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I am in your situation and can recommend the Mandal plus futon.
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