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Please be recommending to me your favorite (fictional, please) outbreak movies, books, and shows!

I've recently realized that a lot of my favorite time-waster things are thrillers about disease outbreaks. Lots of episodes of the show ReGenesis, the book Andromeda Strain, the movies Outbreak and Contagion...etc. Even games like Pandemic and, uh, Pandemic. But mostly I want more movies.

Any time the CDC or Ft Detrick is referenced my heart goes pitter patter. I prefer if the story centers around the epidemiology side of things--more about the scientist heroes than the schmoes dying in the streets.

I would like these to stay in the realm of realistic fiction, so stuff like I am Legend that turns the entire human race into monstervampires is less my cup of tea. No zombies or zombie-adjacents.

Historic ok, too, as long as it's not about real life. Fictional outbreaks: exciting! Real people dying: not so much.
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The Stand is the ur-example of this kind.
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You didn't mention if you saw the movie for Andromeda Strain, but I thought the original one was excellent.
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Station Eleven is a particularly gorgeous recent example.
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I don't think The Stand can be the ur-example in a world that has Journal of the Plague Year in it, as well as Camus' La peste (The Plague). Note that the Defoe book is a novel, not a historical account – as Wikipedia says, he was five years old in 1665 when the plague ravaged London – and the Camus is also a fictional work, based on a plague from almost a century before the setting of the book.
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Exposed by Alex Kava. This book part of a mystery series but it probably isn't necessary to have read the preceding books.
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It's Terry Gilliam, so YMMV on how realistic his vision is, but Twelve Monkeys is great and there are no zompires or anything.
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World War Z (2013) fits your criteria, but at your own risk.

Mimic (1997) is about people trying to track down a disease and deal with the after effects of the cure.

Dr Ehrlich's Magic Bullet (1940) is about the search for the actual cure for syphilis, Edward G Robinson, not sure if it will be trashy enough for you...

Will you consider hot alien space vampires freed from imprisonment on Halley's Comet as a disease vector? Because if so, you may love Lifeforce (1983).

The Satan Bug (1965)

I could have sworn there was a film similar to Outbreak which came out at around the same time but I can't find it, and now I am convincing myself it was the episode of Friends with Jean Claude van Damme.

Denofgeek's top ten disease movies.
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The epic novel The Passage (http://www.amazon.com/The-Passage-Novel-Book-Trilogy/dp/0345528174#productDescription_secondary_view_div_1444494652196)
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I am also a fan of this genre, and have been sad for 10 years that there was only one season of the CSI of epidemiology, Medical Investigation. It may be hard to find, but it's 100% CDC drama.

I'll also second Emily St-John Mandel's Station Eleven, with the caveat that it's largely about the aftermath of the epidemic, and does not start any epidemiologists. Still a great book, though.
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Pontypool was interesting, though it deals more with the regular-folks side of things
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The White Plague, by Frank Herbert. There are criticisms of science and sexism, so ymmv based on what you feel like being exposed to (no pun intended).
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I meant, people criticize the science and sexism as written in the book.
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Heinlein's Puppet Masters
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The Plague by Albert Camus

By the way, "Love in the time of Cholera" is probably not what you want.
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"The Day of St. Anthony's Fire" is a true account, by John Grant Fuller Jr.
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Definitely check out Mira Grant's Parasite! It's the first in what I think is going to be a trilogy; the second book, Symbiont, is also out.
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"The Cobra Event" by Richard Preston.
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reminding everyone that the Op is asking for FICTIONAL outbreaks, so GHOST MAP and JOURNAL OF THE PLAGUE YEAR may be out.

Thirding STATION ELEVEN, which does deal with the aftermath of the plague a lot, but does jump back and forth in time and does have some immediate post-plague bits.

Two movies - CONTAGION and OUTBREAK. I forget which is which, but one has Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Spacey trying to contain an outbreak carried by an escaped monkey and the other has Gwyneth Paltrow as the Patient Zero for a mega-flu (she dies early on).
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Plague City: SARS in Toronto is a rather ludicrous TV movie dramatization of a real outbreak...
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Connie Willis's Doomsday Book -- two epidemics, one in the past, one in the future.
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Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake trilogy does this nicely (but they don't contain the epidemic).
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I know you said no zombies, but Mira Grant's (Seanan McGuire's) Newsflesh books focus a lot on the CDC, science-y aspects of the outbreak. McGuire apparently called the CDC repeatedly when she was researching the first book:

"The first time I called the CDC, I said that I wanted to talk to someone about possibly designing a zombie virus. …So every time I came up with a new iteration of Kellis-Amberlee, I would call back and say, “If I did this, this, this, this, this and this, could I raise the dead?” And every single time they would say, “No.” And I’d say, “OK,” hang up, and go back to working. After about the 17th time, I called and said, “If I did this, this, this, this, this, this and this, could I raise the dead?” And got, “Don’t … don’t do that.” At that point, I knew I had a viable virus."
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Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear has some great CDC containment action, as well as a visceral & mysterious plague. (I always warn people: there's lots of squicky pregnancy stuff in it, so if that's off-putting, skip it.)

Also: I've never read Robin Cook, but I know people who can't get enough of his medical thrillers.

Nthing The Plague and The Doomsday Book, amazing books both.
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Survivors (2008), is about the aftermath of a plague that wipes out the majority of humanity. It's a remake of Survivors (1975), by Terry Nation of Doctor Who and Blake's 7 fame.

Both are quite bleak, but the 70s version is unremittingly so.

Not about a plague, but you might like Day Of The Triffids (1981), where a comet causes mass-blindness giving some sentient plants an opportunity to take over the world. There was a dodgy remake in 2009, with Eddie Izzard. It's based on a book by John Wyndham.
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Dust, by Charles R. Pellegrino. He's one hell of a writer (whether fiction or nonfiction), and he knows his science. The whole thing seemed terrifyingly plausible when I read it.
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Blood Music by Greg Bear is excellent.
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World of Warcraft, the massively multiplayer online video game, had some plague incidents that are pretty interesting, and make for some good case studies

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You might like the Android game Plague, Inc.. It's Pandemic from the other side, very good.
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