Packed Lunches Around the Globe
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What are ways of carrying or sending lunches for people who work away from home similar to the lunch pails of the US, the Bento Boxes of Japan, and the Dabbas of India? The more obscure the better!
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Best answer: Itacate. Doesn't really refer to a type of container, but it is the native mexican (specifically, nahuatl) way of saying "food to go".
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Are you interested in current day only?
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Response by poster: Current or historical. Any and all packed lunches.
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Best answer: tiffins
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Best answer: In Australia, a small Esky (with an ice pack or two) keeps your lunch cool on hot days.
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Best answer: Welsh miners had a tin lunch box with 3 levels. Bottom level is hot tea - keeps the food warm. Middle level was main meal-meat patty or maybe meat and bread. Top level - something sweet, fruit or sweet biscuit.
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Cornish pasties were originally a packed lunch for tin miners, with the crust (or just the roped edge) as a disposable handle
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Best answer: In my part of South Yorkshire, your packed lunch was your "snap", regardless of whether you were a miner (clearly I am not a miner).
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In Norway a packed lunch is usually some open-faced sandwiches, either wrapped in paper or in a lunch box, these days usually made from plastic.

Spreads for the sandwiches are often cheese and/or cold meats. The most local cheeses are brunost and nøkkelost. Some yoghurt or a piece of fruit are common companions.
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Not exactly what you wanted, but packed lunches are a rarity here in Korea. If people eat in the office -- which they don't, much -- they'll often have food delivered. Comes on a motorbike with a tin box on the back, a full tray with bowls of rice and soup and sidedishes, a full Korean meal (or, often, Korean-style Chinese), and the delivery guy comes back and picks up the tray and dishes later.
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