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What's your recommended neighborhood watering hole for South Philly (tonight specifically)? A spot that is ok with outsiders(i.e. A solo yuppie like myself) but full of regulars who can saddle up to the bar and strike up convos with bartenders and customers alike. Ideally no fancy cocktail menu and a couple tvs to watch games. South Philly for me meaning Queen Village, Bella Vista, Passayunk Square or adjacent. Hoping to get a feel for the place I'd go if I lived there! Thanks!
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Best answer: I'm not sure who on this list has tv's, its not what i go for. My preferred bars in that neighborhood are:

Devil's Den, P.O.P.E. (Pub On Passyunk East), South Philly Tap Room, Fountain Porter

All are friendly & have great craft beer

But there are tons of others in those neighborhoods too.

Ive heard good things about American Sardine Bar but haven't been yet.
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The POPE is great, I also like Devils Den, 12 Steps Down if you can tolerate the smoking.
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Don't think there are TVs at American Sardine Bar. At least I haven't noticed them. And Point Breeze isn't near the neighborhoods you mentioned. But if you go there, I'd recommend Madira over ASB.

I'll plug my new neighborhood place-- Tap Room on 19th. It reminds me of Sidecar when I liked Sidecar. The first time we looked at our now-house, the bartenders at TR19 were amazing fonts of knowledge about the neighborhood. (So don't overlook West Passyunk/Girard Estate, is what I'm also saying.)

Also, I met my wife at Royal Tavern; they were showing Independence Day on cable.
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Since the weather is nice tonight, you might also enjoy the pop up garden on 9th and Wharton. It's a temporary outdoor bar and restaurant that's popular with the locals. It's about to close for the season in a week or so, but I think it could give you a good sense of the neighborhood. No TVs but the staff are all really friendly.
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Seconding all the suggestions here, but if you're really committed to tvs the best I could come up with is the Khyber in Old City. I can't remember if ASB has televisions inside but if you go there tonight it would be a crime not to sit on the patio.
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I hit Triangle Tavern for the first time this weekend and really liked it. Devil's Den was mentioned and is pretty good too. Cambridge on South near 15th isn't a bad pick either.
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