Where should I buy a chef's knife in Barcelona? Which knife?
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I'm abroad for a year and the crappy knife I brought along is getting to be a drag. I'd love to by a chef's knife for daily use that would also be a nice souvenir of Barcelona. Is there a good but not extravagant chef's knife made around here? If so, where should I buy it?

Thanks to a lot of advice from friends (and from AskMe) , we are settled in BCN for a few months. I know Spanish blade-making is historically important, but I'm looking for specific suggestions. I'm not looking for a $20 Arco, or for a $1000 knife, either. I'll buy something cheap if I don't find a knife I fall in love with, but I'd rather get something that is a joy to use and carries the memories of cooking here with it. I'd happily spend 100-200 euros.

So, looking for suggestions of brands, artisans, and shops.
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I remember seeing a cuchillaria (knife store, I think) near las rambles in Barcelona. I think it was on calle ferran but I'm not 100% sure -- but it was definitely close and not on the main strip. I didn't go in, but I saw from the window they had tons of knives, so maybe a good place to check out.
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I guess this may not solve any desire to get into a nice shop and handle the knife, but I do believe that the Japanese have solved the cooking knives problem way more thoroughly than anyone else and would recommend browsing this site, which has a collection of great knives and ships anywhere. Misono and Ryusen are very high value for the cost, but you can also find some knives that are 100% handmade and much more expensive here. Any knife on this site will take a sharper edge and keep it longer than even the best German style Henckles type knife.

If you don't find a shop with something you like, this is an excellent backup. Or you could buy one knife here and another in town and begin a slippery slope toward being Interested in Good Knives.
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Response by poster: Well, I didn't find the knife of my dreams yet, but I did by a very satisfying 175mm santoku downtown at Ganiveteria Roca, which was a pretty fun place to shop. It's a good all-around knife for me, yet affordable enough to travel with casually and it's by Arcos, so it is a souvenir of sorts. Thanks all!

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