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Flying into Montreal during Black and Blue. What's the festival like? Also accepting all suggestions re: Montreal in October.

BF and I are leaving this Wednesday for a week long trip in NYC and Montreal. We originally planned this around a symphony that has since been cancelled (thanks doctor who). The plans do still leave us flying into Montreal this Saturday, which I've noticed is the Black and Blue Festival. What is this festival like? Is it mainly inside the big venue or will it be all over the city? We'd like to join the festivities, but have no idea how big it'll be.

While I'm here, I would love any suggestions for things to do in Montreal in October. Our typical travel MO is walking/exploring the city and eating a lot. We're coming from Texas, so really looking forward to the cooler weather already.
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I can't speak to the Black and Blue festival, but the Botanical Gardens are currently running their annual Lantern Festival, and it is a sight to see. Absolutely stunning. I suggest going around sunset, and then sticking around when its dark.

Also, be sure to climb Mount Royal, the fall foliage is beginning to emerge. Should make for a pretty view and great photo op!
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Schwartz's natch.
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I went to Montreal (from Chicago) 3 weeks ago and had a great time.

Mont Royal is a park in the middle of the city, and worth walking around. We didn't make it for the Tam Tams, but all the ask.metafilter answers mentioning Mount Royal mention them.

Old Montreal is fun to walk around, and if you like archeology, Ponte A Calliere is great.

The botanical gardens light chinese lantern and Japanese light festival is very good, make sure to go when it's dusk though. Also in the garden is the Insectarium, the biggest bug museum in North America.

The Mccord Museum of Canadian History is also pretty good.

I didn't really believe people about Montreal bagels, but Fairmont Bagel was amazing (though it's just plain bagels, be forewarned). The Smoked meat at Schwartz' deli was also great, and we had great beers at Dieu de Ciel.
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There's also an amazing collection of bonsai trees at the botanical gardens. And, the site of the 1976 Olympics is right next to the gardens.
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Please check out the Mile End and Plateau neighborhoods. I found Old Montreal kinda kitschy.
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Tommy is a new favourite of mine. The interior is really interesting and the coffee and pastries are quite good.
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