Need recs for packing/sorting services - Burlington, Ontario
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A close friend is helping her parents sort their stuff in preparing for an upcoming move from Burlingon to Toronto. The goal: to cut the amount of stuff Parents have by half, as they are moving from a two-bedroom to a one-bedroom apartment that's about half the size of their current place. The challenge: There aren't enough friends/relatives to help. Need recommendations for people or companies who provide this kind of service.

My friend will be driving up most weekends in October and possibly into November to help her mother sort through her parents' apartment. This will be tough for a lot of reasons - Dad has been in the hospital for some time, Mom is exhausted because of that, and Mom and Dad have a fair amount of stuff to sort through. The rest of the family are helping, but there aren't very many of them, and friends aren't able to help out as much as had been hoped

I'm looking for recommendations for small businesses or people who can help my friend and her mother sort through stuff. Ideally, someone has had direct experience with an individual or small business who specializes in helping people sort/winnow and maybe pack as well. Bonus points if such people help seniors. Even more bonus points if they are gentle, kind and patient...because the family is stretched to the breaking point after months of serious illness (Dad's). I'm also open to services/people you've heard of or found on the internet. Thanks hivemind!
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Best answer: Some general recs:
If you know of a reputable assisted living or retirement place near their area, you might call them to ask if they know of any services. They deal with this frequently when people move into their facilities. Some places in my area actually use that as a side fundraiser business -- estate sales.

Which leads me to... the estate sale companies themselves, which are experienced with this even if the residents are still alive and helping out. Honestly, some estate sale companies even sell half-used cleaning products :P

You could also look in the National Association of Professional Organizers directory.
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Best answer: What you need is Caring Transitions. That's what they do: help seniors downsize and move. I used one of their franchises to move my parents in the Bay Area, and they were great. They helped repair and stage their old home for sale, cleaned and painted, boxed up everything, moved everything, and unpacked it all in the new place. And they sold the extra stuff at an estate sale, and took the income off the price of their services.

It wasn't particularly cheap, but it was worth every penny to me.
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Response by poster: I've marked both responses so far as "Best Answers" because they're both excellent. Thanks to both of you! I'll get in touch with Caring Transitions (I think their full name is Eldercare Transitions) and try to post an update/review for future readers of this question.

Thank you both very much!
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