Sharing Google calendar in iOS without sharing email
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How can my ex-wife and I share our Google calendars with each other in iOS so they're available on our iPhones, but without having access to each other's email?

When we were together we just went to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and added each other's Google account, then toggled off everything but the calendar. We still want to be able to see the other's calendar for kid-scheduling purposes, but we don't want access to email, contacts, etc. We already have access to the calendars via the Google calendar web site and can see everything there.

Is there any way to share only the calendars in iOS? Thanks!
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Best answer: If you already have access through the Google Calendar web interface, this is the next step (from here):
1.Visit the following Google website:
2.Provided you’re signed into your Google account, on this page you’ll see a list of all your calendars, with a check box against them.
3.Tick the boxes of the calendars you want to sync with the iPhone and iPad.
4.It’s important to note that shared calendars need selecting individually, and the default setting is “Off.” This means when a new calendar is shared, you must repeat these last few steps to ensure it syncs with your iPhone and iPad.
5.Click save.
6. Open the Calendars app on your iPhone or iPad and wait for it to sync.

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Rock Steady's solution initially looks to be after the calendar's are already shared.

To do the actual sharing, check out
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1. Make a new calendar called kids schedules that both of you have editing access for. Schedule all kid stuff in there for everyone to see. "This is picture day" "special art project due" and these will all populate in both of your calendars but in a different color.
2a. If it is a matter of knowing "can she pick up the kids at 4 on Tuesday" you could just ask.
2b. Make your calendars public, but only show free/busy information.
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Experience level: My wife and I are currently separated, as Maryland law requires a 1 year period living at separate addresses before you can file for divorce. We have no kids, but we only have one car at the moment, so we need to know when each of us have (e.g.) doctor's appointments and work meetings so that we can coordinate who needs the car and when.

We each have our own individual GMail calendars, and a shared calendar. I changed the password on my e-mail account, and she still has access to the shared calendar. I add stuff to the shared calendar and she can see it on her iPhone, and I can see it on mine. We had created the calendar years ago and allowed access only for our two GMail accounts. I think she created it out of her account, if that matters.

I know what you're looking for is possible, as I also have access to a shared calendar for a volunteer organization I work with even though I don't have access to their e-mail account.

I think you have to make a new calendar and make it public or shared only with certain people, a la k8t's suggestion.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. Rock Steady's suggestion worked for me; am waiting to hear if it worked for her.

We already have a shared calendar specifically for kid stuff, but being able to see each other's calendar helps, too. Specific example that has happened before: Wednesday night is usually dinner with the other parent, and if it's my night to have dinner with our son but I might have a doctor appointment scheduled. This way, she can see that and know she won't have the night off for a hair appointment or something.

Also, it looks like we can make events private in our own calendar in case we don't want the other to know.
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