What is the best canister vacuum if you have long hair?
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I just moved into an apartment with a long, carpeted staircase. I also have long hair. I need a good canister vacuum that will be: 1) Relatively lightweight for navigating stairs; and 2) Vacuum loose long hairs without getting them stubbornly tangled in the rollers or other parts. Any recommendations? Price is no object.
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Best answer: I have long hair. The best vacuum I have ever owned is the Shark Lift-Away. Good suction, and the canister separates from the big assembly to make something that can be easily carried on the steps. I do still have to cut hair out of the rollers after I use it, but it's pretty easy to clean.
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Best answer: Get a seam ripper and occasionally remove hair from the rollers.
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I have 3 dogs & 2 cats and a LOT of hair/fur around the house. After every use I turn the vacuum upside down and cut the hair off the rollers. It only takes a minute and I wish I had always done this because that's what ruined my old favorite vacuum.

I use a Dyson Pet vacuum. It picks up more stuff than any other vacuum I've ever used though it's a little clunky for the high price imo.
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I use a Dyson Cannister, I have super long hair & shed like a collie dog. The roller is designed to be removable for easy hair detangling, I can remove, clean it and have it back in in less than a minute with a sharp pair of scissor, and for the most part it keeps spinning even with hair around. A seam ripper would work too but I have so much hair it's too thick for a ripper to get through.

The plus side is they have a special attachment for picking up hair, it works pretty well but it has a lot smaller head than the normal roller head so I only use it for high hair areas like where I brush my hair everyday & the steps (why my hair seems to gather in the corners of our carpeted steps I'll never know).

The hose easily streatches for vacuuming carpets.
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Miele, all the time. Can't recommend it enough. I have a canister and an up-right. They're tanks (though my movers did manage to break the pedal on the upright, but I simply had it repaired, $45). They last forever and I haven't had any issues around decreasing performance.

The up-right we have is specifically for pet-hair. We had the canister first and the longest. It's so old they don't show it on their product page, but Mrs. Jeffamaphone has long hair (below shoulder length) and it has never had a problem with that or our crazy dog hair situation.

My one nit is the bags are a bit on the expensive side, but I found a place locally where I can buy them in bulk for a more reasonable price.
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Miele. I have an older discontinued canister model that I bought for 15% of new price and it is far better at this job than anything I've used before, for a household with human and pet hair.

The best part is the power brush which is excellent for carpets and disassembles easily with a coin or flat screwdriver so you can remove the hair that wraps around the roller. The roller is also replaceable. (Most of the parts are replaceable, actually, and they can be serviced forever. It is truly an amazingly solid machine.)
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The best vacuum I ever owned is a Dyson V6 Total Clean, it's extremely lightweight and cordless, so, for ease of use and maneuvering, it's an absolute TEN out of TEN, you wouldn't find a better vacuum. My, especially for the stairs, it's a godsend.
I don't have much experience but I owned a high-end Hoover and this little stick thing made my house cleaner than it ever was before. For testing purposes, I vacuumed my entire house with the hoover and then I went in with the Dyson... and guess what? The container was FULL of dust and hair, as if I haven't vacuumed. It really picks up the tiniest hairs and bits of dust. And if you have animal fur all over the place, this will be gone too.

The only weakness IMO: It wouldn't pick up large pieces of anything, and I mean LARGE, not just crumbs and stuff. But again, that's not recommended in all vacuum cleaners, so I'm used to picking up screws and big bits before I vacuum.
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