Ladies work shoes that can pass as business casual
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I work in events for a restaurant. Mostly, this involves office work or sit-down client consultations. Our business casual dress code gives me flexibility for what kind of shoes I can wear. I typically wear black leather low-heeled pumps. (Clark's is a brand I favor.) Semi-regularly, though, my work necessitates me being on my feet all day to manage events personally. On these days, I am in and out of the kitchen and I go back and forth from indoors to outdoors. The main thing is that on these days, I may not sit down for ten hours straight. I'm looking to find a pair of shoes I can wear on that will line up with my typical look but will also be both non-slip and kind to my feet when I spend the entire day hustling around. What are some sellers (online or real world) and styles you would recommend?
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I wear a few pairs of shoes that look like this. Because I'm a runner, I refuse to wear heels anymore, and these look great.
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I love Sanitas for support, but they tend toward a clog look, rather than a heel. You could also try Dansko, maybe the Fabrina? Both Sanita and Dansko make shoes for nurses; I've found them both kind to my feet, but prefer Sanita.
posted by MonkeyToes at 9:02 AM on September 20, 2015 has what you're looking for. They make super comfortable shoes and heels for the restaurant industry. I've had several pairs and they hold up well
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I swear by Cole Haan Nike Air wedges, which have great support.

If your budget permits or you're a good Ebayer I can also enthusiastically recommend Arche shoes.

Some of the folks I know really like Crocs flats.
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Fly Londons are really comfy. There's a whole line where then names all start with the letter Y that are cute and walkable, with cushy rubber wedge soles. Some are kind of overly whimsical but plain ones like this or this might do the trick.
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Seconding Shoes For Crews. Use the insole of your choice for comfort.
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Taryn Rose might be up your alley. They're pricey but I think there's a cheaper diffusion line.
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Google "character shoes"...they're what people wear on stage to look like they're in pumps (they do have heels, they're just lower/thicker) and usually have the benefit of being non-slip. They're designed to be worn for a long time and for safety while running/doing stunts.
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