My kingdom for a beach holiday in February!
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Where should we go for a beach holiday from Boston in February?

Last year, the unrelenting winter really got us down around this time, but we'd already traveled a ton the previous year and around the holidays so we didn't have any vacation time/ travel money left. This year, we've decided to make it a priority to get away at least for a few days at this time. We'll still probably be taking a longer trip in the summer plus traveling to our home countries around the holidays, so we won't be able to take longer than ~5 days or so. Thus minimizing travel time is a priority.

We usually like our vacations to be about seeing cool cultural things, but that isn't really the priority for this short one . We'd like a great beach, good weather in February, snorkeling/kayaking/other water sports, good food and all of this preferably in a non-megaresort setting. My husband would love it if there was some hiking nearby. The cheaper the better, in general, but not so cheap that it's not relaxing. In the past, we've done Hawaii's Big Island (not an option for so short a trip) and Tulum. Any ideas? Specific suggestions of where to stay/what to do would be most appreciated.
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I was just going to recommend Puerto Rico but Seymour beat me to it!
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Last year we went to Puerto Rico after our brains broke in the cold. It was just right, very easy travel from the northeast US, with all the things you describe. We're planning to do it again this year.
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Best answer: If you fly to San Juan you can get a puddle jumper over to Vieques or Culebra and be on the Carib's best beaches pretty quick. Or, you can change at JFK and fly right to Aguadilla on the beachy northwest corner of the island.

And, it's a domestic flight, so you waste less time at the airports. That holds true for St Thomas, too, and you can ferry over to St John for amazing beaches.
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Response by poster: Sounds like the consensus is Puerto Rico. That makes sense, I had no idea it was only 4 hours flight time away. Does anyone have specific recommendations for places to stay, particularly on Vieques or Culebra?
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