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A few years ago I watched a Let's Play style Youtube series where a person developed a character in an action RPG without using any of the conventional parts of the game (e.g. magic or quests.) What was the series, and what was the game?

I can't recall if it was a first person or third person view, but it was definitely a full 3D world, not tile-based nor isometric. I also remember the game was fairly lavish in visuals, so it was probably a well known AAA title.

I seem to recall there was a lot of hunting and crafting, with the character spending a lot of time building increasingly more sophisticated houses. I don't recall the exact set of restrictions that the person laid out for themselves but it involved some creative ways of achieving certain items, for example trading instead of going on quests. I do remember that the narrator kept referring to his character as a simpleton who doesn't understand magic and whatnot, and probably gave them a name that was caveman-esque. By the end, it seemed that they had acquired a rather rich set of digs for their character despite the restrictions.
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Living in Oblivion?
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Do you remember if the houses were built or acquired as part of a quest?
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There is also a similar series for the sequel called The Elder Strolls.
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You also might delve through the archives at No Wrong Way To Play.
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Response by poster: Those seem very close in terms of genre and rules, but this was a Let's Play, a series of videos on showing actual gameplay with audio narration, not blog posts with text and screenshots.

I'm almost certain that the person built their own homes, and that going on quests was not allowed, but I can't be sure.
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Often referred to as "pacifist playthrough", if you want to do some more searching.
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Best answer: Skyrim rags to riches?
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Try scanning the results when searching youtube for "skyrim hearthfire let's play".
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Response by poster: Skyrim: Rags to Riches was it! Thanks Shanda, and everyone else. (Oh, a second season, that's new...)
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