Ford Hybrid Mechanic near Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti MI?
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I am looking at buying a used Ford Fusion hybrid but would like to get it inspected by an independent mechanic as to its condition before doing so. I don't have personal experience with any local mechanics or repair shops, nor do I have any idea which ones are familiar with Ford hybrids.

I am less worried about the actual hybrid components, as those have a few years' warranty remaining, as I am the rest of the car which is out-of-warranty. But, I would still prefer to take it someplace that is familiar with hybrids.

If you don't know anything in Ypsi/A2, I'll take suggestions anywhere in the greater metro area. Thanks!
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I had good experiences with Convenience Auto, but that was with a Subaru. I can't say how they'd do with a Ford or more specifically a hybrid. But they were kind, treated me like an intelligent person, and (unlike the dealer) had a habit of actually fixing things that were broken.
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Advanced Automotive and Transmissions onot Jackson Road was very good to me when I lived in Ann Arbor, also not with a hybrid. But they identified a small issue (trunk not closing properly) as part of a manufacturer's recall, and then recommended I drive across the street to the dealership to have them do the work fixing it for free.
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Best answer: We have a factory trained master mechanic on site that specializes in hybrid vehicles at our Jewett St Location.

Call me if you have any questions. We do all types of PM and repairs. Would be glad to help you. We have a 4.9 rating on google+

Mike Maloney
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