Dismaland without advance tickets
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Anyone been able to inside Dismaland without advance tickets and/or a nightmarish wait?

I was lucky enough to be sent to England for work and able to extend for a few days. I was super excited for a chance to go see the Dismaland pop-up but the site went from not selling tickets to totally sold out in a small amount of time. Needless to say I did not get an advance ticket.

I was wondering if anyone has tried going (or knows someone who tried) without advance tickets? Were they able to get in? It would be on a weekday and I would expect to wait in line, but i'd do something else if it would mean waiting in line all day and then turned away.

Thanks for any help.
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I've known a few people who've gone, but haven't asked how easy it was to get tickets. The one story I remember is someone earlier this week who said they turned up an hour ahead of opening, the queue wasn't big and they got in almost straight after it opened. I'm wondering about trying my luck tomorrow evening.
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We went with advance tickets yesterday evening at 7. There were ten or twelve people without tickets waiting, but I don't know for how long.

It was an amazing amazing thing - really awful, and good, and like a small town carnival in the US, or an English seaside resort in the UK, and also not.

The art was stunning and awesome.

And it was full of people who wouldn't normally go see art (like my husband), but came to see this.

We'll be trying for more tickets in the next couple weeks when the summer holiday is over, because it was unbelievable.
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