How to develop a social software application?
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How to develop a social software application?

I want to develop a social software application (e.g. craigslist or delicious). I am currently looking into " Ruby on Rails" but at the best I would like to start within an existing ecosystem.
NING would be perfect - but unfortunately they seem to be quiet dead. Any experience or recommendations?
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Tom Coates wrote a pretty good working defintion of social software that you might want to read through. As far as software, I don't think that much matters. The hard part is providing enough value to keep people coming back, and you should use any software that allows you to do that.
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What do you mean Ning seems dead? They look alive to me.
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Check out jwz's article:
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jwz is correct. don't try to do too many things. Focus on one or two things and do them very well, making them dead-easy to use and your site/service will likelysucceed as long as you market it properly.
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Response by poster: Thank you very much for the answers so far...

I should have made the term "develop" more obvious. The "business development" (finding the right niche / market) will be the topic of my next question (next week).

This post's pivot is to the development of social software.

@GuyZero: Do you have any experience with NING?
It seems as if the playground is still alive - but the applications here are all but useful.
And there are few entries in the forums which almost always indicates lack of interest from the community...
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To be honest, I don't have a lot of experience with Ning. What I meant was that they're still in business. The community looks a little slow, yes and most of the apps are underwhelming, sure... I never really though it seemed like a viable business idea, but then again I'm not really a big user of "social software" apps, so I wrote my ambivalence off to being outside their target market.

Anyway, my point was that they're alive as a dev platform. If you're looking for an active community for samples or interaction with other devs, yes, RoR is hot now, there's a large installed base of PHP developers and if you want to use a "real tool" you could always use Java - there are certainly blogging and community sites built on J2EE and there a re a lot of Java developers out there to talk to. Ning, hot? Maybe not.
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Best answer: i have a ning account, but nobody'd answer my goddamn question in the development forum, so i gave up. i feel like it's an every-man-for-himself sort of learning battle there. sooo muuuch poteeential gone to waste!
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